Why I love Easter

One of the reasons I really love Easter is that it is one of those times when you can step back from the business of life and really, really stop for a while!

While I celebrate the Easter message of Jesus’ death and resurrection for me every day of the year, there is something special about the Easter season. It is a time when you can really take the time out to reflect on your own personal faith and what it means to you.

Each year I tend to reflect on one of the apects of the Easter message. Sometimes it is the death of Christ on the cross, sometimes it is the resurrection, sometimes it the difference Jesus has made in my life.

This year it is the fact that if I was the only person in the world, Jesus would have still gone to the cross for me, to save me from my sin. That is how much He loved and cared for me. He gave up everything for me….even His life.

Over the next few days perhaps you could take some time to reflect on that fact too. Jesus died for the whole world, but He also died just for you personally. If you were the only person on earth, He would have gone to the cross for you.

God Bless,