God’s acceptance

Sometimes we can fall into the trap of thinking that we need to get our lives perfectly right before God will accept us. We think we need to repent to a certain level, straighten out all we have done wrong before we can have even have an “audience” with Him. The reality is that God accepts us first wherever we are at, no matter what we have done.

In Luke chapter 19 we read about Zacheus the tax collector. Zacheus was despised by the locals because he worked for the Romans collecting the high taxes they placed on the people. Tax collectors in those days would quite often take over the amount required and keep it for themselves. They lived very well at the expense of the people they lived amongst.

In the Luke 19 passage we see that when Jesus was passing by He called out to Zacheus and invited Himself to lunch at his home. This was unheard of as a Rabbi (as some people called Jesus) would never eat at a tax collectors house. They were social outcastes and considered unclean. Yet we see that Jesus wanted to be His friend! As we read on we see that the result of this lunch was that Zacheus repented of all the things he had done, gave half his money to the poor and promised to repay four times over all the people he had cheated. Jesus then said, “That salvation has come to this house today”.

The key message of this passage is that we see that Jesus accepted Zacheus before he had even repented or promised to make amends. Jesus even approached Zacheus right where he was at. He didn’t have a list of things that he had to do first, Jesus just accepted Zacheus when not many other people did.

If you feel like you would never be accepted by God because of some of the things you have done, I would encourage you to come to Him today. He loves you and accepts you exactly where you are and He just wants to be in relationship with you. If you would like to experience the love and acceptance of God I would encourage you to visit my Peace with God page right now.

Glasses of Scripture

I was just on Koorong’s website and I noticed Philip Jensen has brought out a new book called, “By God’s Word“. I haven’t actually read the book, but I thought the blurb was quite good. It made a lot of sense. Here it is…

“The Scriptures are the glasses by which we bring the world into focus. When we look through the glasses of Scripture, we see God and his world and his people and ourselves more clearly. There are some things, especially about God, that we would never see at all without the Scriptures. There are many things about the world, others and ourselves that we would see in a completely distorted fashion without the glasses. The word of God changes our perspective”.

I can say a big Amen to this. This is what I found when I began to read and study the Bible. My life started to make sense and I started to see myself and others more clearly. It also helped me to see the part I can play in God’s eternal plan.

How about you? Has the Bible helped you see life and yourself more clearly? If you haven’t read the Bible, you can access one online at BibleGateway.com