What do house churches do when they meet?

One question I have been asked a few times lately is “what do house churches do when they meet?”

Here is something I found at http://www.house2house.com in the FAQs section. It says it better than I can…

“Again, this will vary from church to church . . . but here are some of the basic elements that tend to be present in every house church:

FOOD – When you get together, eat! It provides a great atmosphere for people to have honest open communication with each other.

OPEN PARTICIPATION – 1 Corinthians 14:26 is the basis for what we do when we get together. The key is “Each one has…” Everybody should be able to take part.

BIBLE STUDY – Keep it simple and interactive. A great technique is to look over a few verses together and then share with each other what each person gets out of the verses.

PRAYER – Find out what is happening in each other’s lives and take the time to pray for each other. Expect God to move powerfully and to speak to the group as you pray.

SIMPLICITY – Make sure that whatever you do can be duplicated. If the church is going to multiply rapidly it must be kept simple.”

As you can see from this house churches or relational, simple in structure, involve prayer and Bible study and encourage everyone to be involved.

God Bless,