Morning devotions

Over the last couple of months I have shared blog posts of my morning devotional readings of the Bible.

This is what I do when I first get up in the morning. I sit in my favourite comfy chair with a coffee, open my Bible app on my iPad and prayerfully read a passage.

I usually pray and ask God which book of the Bible I should read, then I read the whole book one section heading at a time. It usually takes about two weeks to read a small book.

After I read the passage I sit back and look for some things that jumped out at me. Usually a verse or a few verses speak to me. So I think about them for a while in the context of the section heading.

Some questions I also ask are –

– what was going on at the time of writing?
– what was the author trying to say to the people?
– what did they want them to do or not do?
– how am I going with this idea or thought?
– what can I apply to my life from this passage?

As I sit and ponder I am open to the Holy Spirit to speak to me and I also try to think if there is anything I can remember from prior reading or study on this passage.

My ultimate goals in my morning devotions is to connect with God by reading His Word and to start my day off by focussing on Him and His Kingdom. I also want to apply God’s Word to my daily life.

If you want to download some of my devotional reflections you can visit my free booklets page here.

God Bless