Escaping death

One thing I often think about is the return of Christ. The Bible tells us He is coming back. Often I daydream and wonder when it will be.

Will it be soon? Will it be in my lifetime? Or will it be hundreds of years into the future? Nobody on earth knows.

One truth from Scripture is that some Christians will escape death. 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 talks about Christ’s return.

It says that with the sound of the trumpet, Christ will come down with those who have already died and take us to be with Him.

I can’t fathom what it would be like to be alive when Christ returns. Being changed in the twinkling of an eye.

The reality is that some will escape death. Maybe even you and I!

God Bless,

Jesus’ humiliation before the cross

I was reading over Matthew 27:26-31 in the NLT as a lead up to the Easter season and it really struck me how Jesus was treated before the Crucifixion.

Some of the things that struck me again were bad enough in themselves, but add them up and we see the humiliation He went through.

1. Flogged with a lead tipped whip. This is leather straps with lead attached to cause maximum damage.

2. Stripped of His clothes and mockingly dressed Him in a royal robe.

3. Given a painful crown made of thorny branches. Again more pain.

4. Given a fake royal scepter and mockingly worshiped.

5. Spat upon Him and beat Him with a rod.

Words cannot describe the humiliation He went through. As I said one of these things would have been bad, but add them together. And this is before He was led away to be crucified!

I will never take for granted all that Christ did for me. Not only did He suffer the pain of the Crucifixion, but He suffered tremendous pain and humiliation in the led up too.

God Bless,

Daily Bible Devotion app

A friend put me on to a new Devotional app recently and I thought I would share it. It is called Daily Bible Devotion by JCTROIS INC.

It has a daily verse and some thoughts on the verse. Nothing too deep or theological, just a simple reflection. It also has a section with a Bible trivia question. So far it looks pretty good.

If you are interested you can find it at the App Store and also at the Android Market. I have it on my iPhone and iPad and it works well.

God Bless,

10 questions to find God’s will

I saw these questions on a friends blog today. I thought they were very good questions for discerning God’s will and I thought I would share them…

  1. Will it honour God?
  2. Is it consistent with Scripture?
  3. Is it the “best” thing that could be done? Is there something “better” to do?
  4. Is it my heart’s desire? Is this something I really have a passion for?
  5. Does it fit who I am as a child of God? Does it fit my skills, gifts, resources, abilities, capabilities, limitations, etc.?
  6. Does it fit God’s overall plan for my life? Has everything He’s brought me through readied me for this opportunity, this purpose, this adventure?
  7. Are there, or has there been, any providential leadings toward this course of action?
  8. Am I willing to submit this decision to God’s will?
  9. Is there, or has there been, an inner conviction and compulsion to undertake this course of action? Has it been confirmed through another person? Through the Holy Spirit? Through His Word?
  10. Do I have lasting peace in my decision?