10 questions to find God’s will

I saw these questions on a friends blog today. I thought they were very good questions for discerning God’s will and I thought I would share them…

  1. Will it honour God?
  2. Is it consistent with Scripture?
  3. Is it the “best” thing that could be done? Is there something “better” to do?
  4. Is it my heart’s desire? Is this something I really have a passion for?
  5. Does it fit who I am as a child of God? Does it fit my skills, gifts, resources, abilities, capabilities, limitations, etc.?
  6. Does it fit God’s overall plan for my life? Has everything He’s brought me through readied me for this opportunity, this purpose, this adventure?
  7. Are there, or has there been, any providential leadings toward this course of action?
  8. Am I willing to submit this decision to God’s will?
  9. Is there, or has there been, an inner conviction and compulsion to undertake this course of action? Has it been confirmed through another person? Through the Holy Spirit? Through His Word?
  10. Do I have lasting peace in my decision?