What do you want?

I read this devotion from Oswald Chambers recently and I thought it was really good. It talks about our desires and our motives. Please enjoy…

What do you want?

Do you seek great things for yourself? —Jeremiah 45:5

Are you seeking great things for yourself, instead of seeking to be a great person? God wants you to be in a much closer relationship with Himself than simply receiving His gifts— He wants you to get to know Him. Even some large thing we want is only incidental; it comes and it goes. But God never gives us anything incidental. There is nothing easier than getting into the right relationship with God, unless it is not God you seek, but only what He can give you.

If you have only come as far as asking God for things, you have never come to the point of understanding the least bit of what surrender really means. You have become a Christian based on your own terms. You protest, saying, “I asked God for the Holy Spirit, but He didn’t give me the rest and the peace I expected.” And instantly God puts His finger on the reason– you are not seeking the Lord at all; you are seeking something for yourself. Jesus said, “Ask, and it will be given to you…” (Matthew 7:7). Ask God for what you want and do not be concerned about asking for the wrong thing, because as you draw ever closer to Him, you will cease asking for things altogether. “Your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him” (Matthew 6:8). Then why should you ask? So that you may get to know Him.

Are you seeking great things for yourself? Have you said, “Oh, Lord, completely fill me with your Holy Spirit”? If God does not, it is because you are not totally surrendered to Him; there is something you still refuse to do. Are you prepared to ask yourself what it is you want from God and why you want it? God always ignores your present level of completeness in favor of your ultimate future completeness. He is not concerned about making you blessed and happy right now, but He’s continually working out His ultimate perfection for you— “…that they may be one just as We are one…” (John 17:22).

The miracles of Jesus

I was talking with a friend about the miracles Jesus performed. We looked at healing, casting out demons, stilling storms, raising people to life and more. Today I decided to share some of the miracles we looked at.

As you read them you need to remember the Bible does not record everything Jesus did. As John tells us in John 21:25, “Jesus also did many other things. If they were all written down, I suppose the whole world could not contain the books that would be written”.

  • Jesus changed water into wine (John 2:1-11).
  • Jesus cured the nobleman’s son (John 4:46-47).
  • The great haul of fishes (Luke 5:1-11).
  • Jesus cast out an unclean spirit (Mark 1:23-28).
  • Jesus cured Peter’s mother-in-law of a fever (Mark 1:30-31).
  • Jesus healed a leper (Mark 1:40-45).
  • Jesus healed the centurion’s servant (Matthew 8:5-13).
  • Jesus raised the widow’s son from the dead (Luke 7:11-18).
  • Jesus stilled the storm (Matthew 8:23-27).
  • Jesus cured two demoniacs (Matthew 8:28-34).
  • Jesus cured the paralytic (Matthew 9:1-8).
  • Jesus raised the ruler’s daughter from the dead (Matthew 9:18-26).
  • Jesus cured a woman of an issue of blood (Luke 8:43-48).
  • Jesus opened the eyes of two blind men (Matthew 9:27-31).
  • Jesus loosened the tongue of a man who could not speak (Matthew 9:32-33).
  • Jesus healed an invalid man at the pool called Bethesda (John 5:1-9).
  • Jesus restored a withered hand (Matthew 12:10-13).
  • Jesus cured a demon-possessed man (Matthew 12:22).
  • Jesus fed at least five thousand people (Matthew 14:15-21).
  • Jesus healed a woman of Canaan (Matthew 15:22-28).
  • Jesus cured a deaf and mute man (Mark 7:31-37).
  • Jesus fed at least four thousand people (Matthew 15:32-39).
  • Jesus opened the eyes of a blind man (Mark 8:22-26).
  • Jesus cured a boy who was plagued by a demon (Matthew 17:14-21).
  • Jesus opened the eyes of a man born blind (John 9:1-38)
  • Jesus cured a woman who had been afflicted eighteen years (Luke 13:10-17).
  • Jesus cured a man of dropsy or swollen arms and legs (Luke 14:1-4).
  • Jesus cleansed ten lepers (Luke 17:11-19).
  • Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead (John 11:1-46).
  • Jesus opened the eyes of two blind men (Matthew 20:30-34).
  • Jesus caused the fig tree to wither (Matthew 21:18-22).
  • Jesus restored the ear of the high priest’s servant (Luke 22:50-51).
  • Jesus rose from the dead (Luke 24:5-6).
  • The second great haul of fishes (John 21:1-14).

Silent Saturday

Silent Saturday is the day where not much was heard from God.

On Good Friday it was about the suffering of Jesus being crucified and dying on the cross for our sin.

And Sunday it is all about the resurrection and the new life, hope and excitement it brings.

On this silent Saturday I am thinking about the early followers of Christ. How they would have felt after the crucifixion?

Let down? Confused? Scared? Alone? Unsure of what to do next?

I am glad I am alive now. I know the full story. I know resurrection Sunday comes and Jesus is alive.

Knowing the full story has given me life, peace, hope and assurance. I know that one day I will rise to life too because of what Jesus did.

If you would like to know peace with God and the assurance knowing Christ brings. Please visit my peace with God page.

God Bless,