Silent Saturday

Silent Saturday is the day where not much was heard from God.

On Good Friday it was about the suffering of Jesus being crucified and dying on the cross for our sin.

And Sunday it is all about the resurrection and the new life, hope and excitement it brings.

On this silent Saturday I am thinking about the early followers of Christ. How they would have felt after the crucifixion?

Let down? Confused? Scared? Alone? Unsure of what to do next?

I am glad I am alive now. I know the full story. I know resurrection Sunday comes and Jesus is alive.

Knowing the full story has given me life, peace, hope and assurance. I know that one day I will rise to life too because of what Jesus did.

If you would like to know peace with God and the assurance knowing Christ brings. Please visit my peace with God page.

God Bless,