My first five sermons

Last week I started at Bruce Rock Church of Christ as an Interim Pastor. At this stage it is for 3-4 months.

Like most Pastors in a new place I had a sense of tension and nervousness about the messages I would preach in the first month or so.

There are so many topics and themes I could speak on. The Bible is bursting with things I could talk about. I was also conscious to not go to my hobby horses for material.

Last week God stepped in and eased the tension. As I was preparing a message from Romans 12 about being a living sacrifice I felt like I had to do an overview of the chapter and draw five things out.

These were to be a living sacrifice you need to:

  1. Renew your mind
  2. Use your gifts well
  3. Really love on another
  4. Live at peace with everyone
  5. Overcome evil with good

As I was preparing I felt God say to me to expand on these topics over the coming weeks. He said to give each of the points their own sermon.

It was amazing how that gave me a sense of peace. It also gave me something to focus my spare time on in preparing.

The main thing for me is to be used by God to bless His people. To encourage them in their faith and help them live as true disciples of Christ.

God Bless,