Letting the Spirit control our mind

One of the best ways to have peace in this life is by letting the Spirit of God work in and through our minds.

When we do this we see the world through God’s eyes. We see people differently. We see world events differently. We see the future differently.

When we let the Spirit control our minds, we also see ourselves through God’s eyes. As people who are loved, cared for and supremely valued.

When I look at the world through my eyes I can easily get overcome. We I see the world through God’s eyes I see God’s plan unfolding.

This world is in God’s hands and every single person in it is dearly loved with a love that stretches out from eternity. You and I and more loved and valued by God more than we can every comprehend.

The secret to unstanding this is as the verse says, “Letting the Spirit control your mind leads to life and peace”.

God Bless,