Half full or half empty?

Someone asked me if I am glass half full or glass half empty today. I said that I am an optimistic realist, to which I received a very puzzled look.

I always believe and hope for the best outcome in what ever I am doing. But I realise not everything always works out the way you hope. Sometimes things just seem to go pear shaped.

One thing I always do when things go pear shaped is hold on to Romans 8:28. This verse reminds us that all things work together for the good of those who are called for God’s purposes.

This means in the long term things will work out well. It may not always feel like it in the midst of the situation, or it may not turn out how we expected, but God promises it will work our well.

For me being a man of faith it means I can trust God in all things. I am optimistic, but realise things take time to work for the best sometimes. Sometimes there are speed humps or even road blocks.

So I guess to answer to the person who asked the question. I guess I am a glass half full type of guy with a splash of realism!