The wisdom and salvation of God

I was reading 1 Corinthians this morning as a part of my devotions. The section heading was “The wisdom of God”.

In the wider passage it is talking about how God in His wisdom chose Christ to be the means on salvation. Here is the part that grabbed my attention today…

1 Corinthians 1:21-25 NLT

[21] Since God in his wisdom saw to it that the world would never know him through human wisdom, he has used our foolish preaching to save those who believe. [22] It is foolish to the Jews, who ask for signs from heaven. And it is foolish to the Greeks, who seek human wisdom. [23] So when we preach that Christ was crucified, the Jews are offended and the Gentiles say it’s all nonsense. [24] But to those called by God to salvation, both Jews and Gentiles, Christ is the power of God and the wisdom of God. [25] This foolish plan of God is wiser than the wisest of human plans, and God’s weakness is stronger than the greatest of human strength.

I love the way God chose Christ and His death on the cross to be the means of our salvation. In worldly terms some wanted the Saviour to come as a conquering king and others saw dying on a cross as a shameful defeat.

I also love that some looked for miracles and Jesus performed amazing miracles including raising people from the dead. And others looked for wisdom and when Jesus spoke bystanders said they have never heard such wisdom before. But still many did not believe. 

1 Corinthians 1:18 NLT puts it all in perspective when it says, “The message of the cross is foolish to those who are headed for destruction! But we who are being saved know it is the very power of God.”

The message of the cross of Christ is salvation. God took Him who knew no sin, to be sin, so He could die and take the punishment for our sin. He paid the price so we could come into relationship with God and live for eternity with Him.

I am so happy about God’s plan for salvation. It changed the course of my life for the better. If you would like to find peace with God, please visit this page.

God Bless,