Mix up your training

Several weeks ago I did a post titled, “My top 7 fitness tips”. In it I shared some of my favourite bits of encouragement I pass on to people from my years of exercising. Today I want to share one of the key ones I use – mixing things up.

All of us get bored with what we are doing at times. We just get stuck in a rut and lose motivation. I have done this many times since I started my fitness program 30+ years ago. In fact I have lost count of just how many times!

One of my keys I found is to mix up my training. My key aerobic fitness exercise is cycling. I find it is good to keep my heart rate up and keeps me lean. In saying this though, I do change how I cycle every now and then when things get a bit stale.

I have two bikes – a road bike and a mountain bike. If I get bored riding on the road after six months or so, I just pull out the mountain and ride the trails of Merredin. It is still cycling, but it freshens up my mind and allows me to keep exercising.

I also have a trainer where I can sit my racing bike on and pedal away the kilometres in my shed. If mentally I really really really don’t feel like going for a ride on the road or through the trails, I just sit on the trainer. This is especially good if it is pouring with rain or really windy.

I have found that by mixing up my cycling training I can keep mentally fresh and keep doing my cycling for fitness. After all I am not training for the Olympics, I am training to keep fit, so it doesn’t really matter what I ride. It is more about being consistent in what I do.

I hope this tip helps you in some way if you are trying to get a fitness program started or continue in what you are doing.