My ideal church role?

It has been six month since I finished my last role as Pastor of a small to medium sized country church. In this time I have been reflecting on what my ideal role going forward might look like.

My heart has always been teaching the Bible, reaching people for Christ and seeing them grow in their relationship with Christ. I guess you could say reach, disciple, teach.

So how does that translate to my current situation working part time in a secular role ordering medical supplies for a hospital?

One thing I am reflecting on is staying in my part time role at the hospital and being an non paid asscoiate Pastor who preaches once a month, and oversees of evangelism and discipleship.

I think this fits with my heart and giftings from God and being non paid, it would not take finances from the church which can be used for outreach and discipleship materials. And I would still be in contact with a lot of people through my secular role.

Time will tell is this is just prayerful reflections or it is something from God. As I have said before on this blog many times, time is always a great measure if things are from God or not.

Have you ever reflected on your ideal church role?

God Bless,