A great time to grow as a Christian

I became a Christian and found peace with God back in 1989. It was the best thing I have ever done. It changed the course of my life forever and my eternal destiny.

One thing I was reflecting on today is that it is especially a great time to be a Christian. Especially if you are keen to grow and keep growing in your faith.

When I came to Christ I had a Bible and various books to read and learn from. I also spoke to people who were more mature than me. As I was not really a big reader or very social, this was not as good as it could have been.

Nowdays, we have the internet with podcasts, blogs, apps, online Bibles, online dictionaries and commentaries, streaming church services, online Christian radio and online Bible colleges, as well as the things I had when I came to Christ.

Today I think there is no excuse to not be growing in our faith. With so many great resources that we can take advantage of it is a great time to be a growing disciple of Christ.

As I type I think about new Christians I know who are growing far quicker than I did all those years ago. What took me five years to learn seems to happen in a year or two. This makes me so happy!

With all the resources we have for growth today, I can’t wait to see what is available in 5-10 years time. It is truly a great time to grow as a Christian!