One year of Bible college

In my last post I said I would like everyone I know to do at least one year of Bible college. I had an email question asking me why I think this is so important.

I think doing one year of focused Bible college helps us to really take time out to focus on Christ, our salvation, who we are in Christ, our calling and growing in our faith.

My first year of college was done online through Tabor Adelaide. I had done previous units at Perth Bible College, but doing the year at Tabor was my first real focused effort at studying the Bible as my sole focus.

The units I did in this year were…

  1. Introduction to the Old Testament
  2. Introduction to the New Testament
  3. Introduction to Biblical Theology
  4. Introduction to Biblical Interpretation
  5. The Ministry of the Holy Spirit
  6. Christian Leadership
  7. Pastoral Care
  8. Pastoral Ethics
  9. Creative Living (knowing who you are in Christ)

At the time this course was called a Certificate IV in Christian Life and Ministry. These days it probably most closely aligns with the Diploma of Theology at Tabor.

I chose this course because I was already serving in my local church and I was involved with I found this gave me a good foundation for what I was doing and a good beginning to the extra studies I did after that.

For me this was a great foundation as it taught me the Bible basics and the basics of ministry. It also firmed up who I am in Christ and who I am created to be.