Prayer journals

Vision Christian radio station shared this image yesterday on social media. It has a great point that it is important to reflect back on our prayers from the past.

I am able to do this because for many years I kept prayer journals. They were basically day to a page diaries. Every day I would record the things I prayed for and my Bible readings.

This enabled me every few months to go back through my entries and see what was on my heart. I was able to review them and tick many of them off. Sometimes I would write how the prayer was answered too.

This was very encouraging for me and it really built my faith and trust in God. I had answers to prayer about health issues, prayers for my family, work issues, finances, outreach and direction from God.

I can’t tell you how many times I saw God come through for me in a difficult situation. There were times when I could see no way forward and God sorted things out for us. In the big things and the small everyday things.

A prayer journal is a great tool to record and review your prayers. It is also a great tool to build your faith and trust in God. When you see God answer your prayers, it encourages you to trust Him for more as you grow.

Maybe a prayer journal would help you?