A glimpse in to my personal devotions

Over the years I have tried different devotional ideas and booklets. But the best by far is simply interacting with the Bible itself.

I open the Bible, pray and ask the Holy Spirit to speak and then read the passage. And then I record my thoughts in my journal.

I see where the passage naturally breaks and I look for key thoughts, prayers, commands or things I can apply to my life.

In the attached photo you can see the passage I read, the title I gave it in my devotions, and the main points that spoke to me.

You will see the headings – not stopped praying for you, then, also pray and for He. These gave me things to hang off the blessings in the text.

Often these thoughts from my devotions become blog posts, short talks or even sermons.

I would encourage you to try it and see if it helps you as much as it helped me.