Home group: my second biggest disappointment in moving to the country

Last week I shard a post about my biggest disappointment about moving to the country 12 years ago. It was about not finding a suitable church. You can find it here. This week I want to talk about my second biggest disappointment which flows on from the first – home group.

Over my years I have attended a few really good home groups. These usually happen mid week with some people from church, where you pray, study the Bible and just have fellowship. In a really good group they become your best friends.

I have usually found that having a really good home group is priceless. You can be yourself, learn and grow in your faith together, pray for each other, use your spiritual gifts and have real friends who share your faith.

Sadly for me, this has not really happened since moving to the country. I have been to a few groups that were about prayer, Bible study or fellowship. But nothing has really hit the spot.

It is really hard as when you have experienced a really good home group it becomes a highlight of the week. Many times I have enjoyed the mid week meeting with my home group more than church on Sunday!

When you are in a good home group they know how you are going. If things are good, you praise together. If things are bad, the group will jump up and lay hands on you and pray. They know when you have a big test or important medical appointment coming up. And they will pray and ask you about it later.

I have briefly had glimpses of this in the country, but again as it is not from a Pentecostal perspective, and you miss out on people using the gifts of the Spirit around you where you might receive a prophetic word, a word of wisdom or knowledge or just a real touch from God’s Spirit.

For me, church on Sunday and a mid week home group have been my two biggest disappointments from moving to the country. There has been a constant sense of compromise and just trying to fit in about attending both.

Now I can hear people say, “Why don’t you just move back to the city where there are more suitable churches?” To that I say, God called us here and we still know we have work to do. We have family here and we enjoy 95% of the rest of life in the country. Our disappointments just revolve around church.

So there you have it, a second really honest post. My intension is not to offend anyone here, just to be really honest with some aspects of life in the country.