No roster

I am not on a church roster at the moment. It is the first time in about 20 years I have not been on a roster to preach, lead communion, hand out communion, collect the offering, greet at the door, or do the computer for the service.

I didn’t realise it had been so long that I had been on rosters. Often for two or more churches at a time!It had just crept up on me. It was only when I intentionally sat and thought about it, that I realised how long it had been.

At the moment I feel really free. It is a strange, but a nice feeling. I don’t have to think about my sermon, communion message or swap with someone else if I am away. I am enjoying the freedom.

Part of me daydreams of never going on a church roster again or being booked to speak anywhere. But I know after a break I probably will?!

Another part of me daydreams about being part of a house church again. Things were more fluid and not planned out months in advance. Often the next week was decided before the end of the meeting. It was like, “Are you here next week? Can you do this..?”

In thinking about that now, I think that sounds nice. It is a bit more relaxed, less formal, more inclusive and more people use their gifts to serve. Hmmm maybe that is the way forward?!

As with all things in life, it seems the “time will tell” mantra fits well.

How about you? How long have you been on a church roster? Are you on one now? Are you having a break like? I think it is worth reflecting on today.