Stay focused on living in the truth

I have been re-reading 1, 2 and 3 John for my devotions lately. Today I was up to 2 John 1:4-10. Today I thought I would share some things that jumped out at me.

1. John was happy or full of joy to hear that some of their children were following Jesus too. This is something that always makes me happy too (v4)

2. John reminded them of the old/new commandment to love on another. True love means being obedient to what God commanded – to love each other (v5-6)

3. John warns to watch out for deceivers or false teachers who teach Jesus did not have a real body. Some were saying that Jesus was only spirit or raised in spirit only (v7)

4. John warns to not depart the teaching of Christ as this will cause us to lose the prize or our full reward from the Father. They were to focus on Christ (v9)

5. John wanted them to stay the course so they could have fellowship with the Father and the Son (v9)

6. John warns them not to encourage or have fellowship with someone who teaches untruths about Jesus. If we do we partner in their work (v10-11).

In the context of the Bible it is only a short passage, but it is packed with a lot of truth.

I am really enjoying re-reading 1, 2 and 3 John. It is fast becoming one of my favourite sections of the Bible.

Stay focused and be blessed,