Bewildered, amazed and perplexed

Today for my devotions I read Acts 2:1-13. In my NLT it is titled, “The Coming of the Holy Spirit”.

The text tells us that the believers were together in the upper room. It was seven weeks after the resurrection of Jesus. Suddenly a roaring sound from heaven came and tongues of fire rested on them and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit.

I can’t imagine how amazing this would have been to be there or even be a witness! It is no wonder people came running and were bewildered, amazed, perplexed and even beside themselves with wonder.

The thing that stood out to me today was the fact that all who came heard them speak on the wonders of God in their own languages. These were godly Jews from all over, who heard the believers speak in own tongues.

It caused those watching to ask two questions

1. How can this be?

2. What does this mean?

We see that in the next chapter Peter explains a lot of things in his famous sermon. He talks about the Holy Spirit coming, prophecies being fulfilled and God drawing people to Himself. In all 3000 were added to the believers.

For us today, we know this was the Holy Spirit breaking into our world. We know it was God being present with us in a new way. We know it is about God’s mission of reaching all people with the love and saving message of Jesus.

While I would love to have been there to witness this amazing event in history, I am glad that I live in this time. Knowing what we know, having the Holy Spirit present with us and being part of God’s great mission is far too exciting to miss out on.

I am sure we will be bewildered, amazed, perplexed and even beside ourselves with wonder at what God has in store for us too!

Be blessed,