A surprisingly hard verse to preach on

I have preached on this verse a few times. Once was part of a 1 John series looking at a chapter at a time and the other was just using this verse as the main text.

It was surprisingly hard. It was actually more than the usual love one another message.

Firstly, it challenged me personally. How was I going with loving others? Do I really love others or am I just paying lip service to it? What is the fruit of my love?

Secondly, it was a challenge to share the verse in a way that was not judgemental, but inspirational. I never want to come across as judgemental in my preaching.

In the end I was honest. I shared how I sometimes feel like a failure in the way I love others. And how sometimes I do struggle to love others.

Then I shared some practical ways that I could show my love for others. They revolved around a conversation I had with my kids.

We talked about things like…

  • Pray for them when they feel sad
  • Do nice things for them as a surprise
  • Share things with others
  • Listen to them when they need to talk
  • Speak nicely to them
  • Give them a hug
  • Give them a present
  • One even said by giving them chocolate!

Kids have a way of putting things simply. I have never forgotten these things. They showed me that we love others in practical ways, by helping when they are in need.

Be blessed today,